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Thomas LeitnerLaura GaetanoGerald BauerDražen LučaninMax StoiberAndrey OkonetchnikovRouven WeßlingChris WardMatthias BeitlStefan HaslingerRichard TraindlBernhard BenkeFloor DreesSebastian Gräßl

Thomas Leitner
Github    Twitter: @_gettalong    Website

Thomas Leitner is head of the computer group of the mathematics department of the University of Vienna and lead developer of the kramdown library and tool - a fast, markdown-superset processor (in ruby) for converting plain old vanilla text into hypertext (powering GitHub Pages, Jekyll, and friends) and the new HexaPDF library and tool - that let lets you read, write, merge, encrypt, and optimize PDFs and much more.

Laura Gaetano
Github    Twitter: @alicetragedy    Website

Artist+Rubyist at heart. Organiser of Rails Girls Summer of Code, Two-trick pony at Travis CI / Travis Foundation. Likes owls, NASA trivia and Taekwondo.

Gerald Bauer

Gerald Bauer studied at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien and has worked for Google, Apple, and others overseas and now lives in the Wagram hills in the Weinviertel and is an enthusiastic collector of football and beer data. Skills include Ruby, SQLite and HTML.

Dražen Lučanin
Github    Twitter: @metakermit    Website

Dražen Lučanin - a full stack web developer, running a web development studio Punk Rock Dev.

Max Stoiber
Github    Twitter: @mxstbr    Website

Max Stoiber is a front-end web developer by day, maker, skiier, barista, musician and reader by night. Certified austrian skiing instructor loves being in the mountains spending time on the slopes and teaching children about the favorite past-time activity. Max Stoiber is also a Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) certified barista with an espresso machine and grinder at home cherishing starting the day by making a good coffee. Web projects include, and more.

Andrey Okonetchnikov
Github    Twitter: @okonetchnikov    Website

Andrey Okonetchnikov - a front-end engineer and ui & ux designer from Yaroslavl, Russia living in Vienna, Austria. Andrey has been working as a web-professional since 1999.

Rouven Weßling
Github    Twitter: @rouvenwessling   

Rouven Weßling is a Joomla! developer turned front-end developer and is now a developer evangelist for Contentful. When not programming you most likely find Rouven eating cake or running on the streets of Berlin (so he can eat more cake).

Chris Ward
Github    Twitter: @chrischinch    Website

Chris Ward is an open advocate working on software, organisations, books and games. Loves to highlight the underdog, beer and talking endlessly. Chris originally a Londoner spent seven years in Melbourne and now lives in Berlin.

Matthias Beitl
Github    Twitter: @cssence    Website

Matthias Beitl gets paid for technical consulting, which tends to be rather fuzzy. To combat this, he manages to sneak in some tangible web development whenever possible. He really likes the web, his first site went online in 1998, at a time when having a tilde in the URL was the norm. IRL hobbies include coffee and ducks, in that order.

Stefan Haslinger
Github    Twitter: @informatom    Website

Entrepreneur, Rationalist, Cyclist, Agnostic, Software Developer, Physicist, Mathematician, Astronomer, Biertaucher Podcaster

Richard Traindl

Richard Traindl is a product manager by day and html & css wrangler by night.

Bernhard Benke
Github    Twitter: @spuz78    Website

Bernhard Benke is a front end web developer at Stryria Digital Services. Bernhard has a strong interest in frontend technologies, especially in Sass as CSS preprocessor and besides coding really enjoys graphic design, typography and most of all, photography.

Floor Drees
Github    Twitter: @floordrees   

Floor Dress studied Graphics Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, now lives in Vienna running the sektor5 coworking space. When Floor grows up she wants to become Neelie Kroes.

Sebastian Gräßl
Github    Twitter: @bastilian    Website

Sebastian Gräßl is a social network addict; information junkie; part time party-goer; working at Red Hat; music freak; i’m a pirate.

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